Fantini Mosaici @ Milan Design Week '22

Craftsmanship meets design to create a dynamic new generation of modern sculptured marble furniture and graffiti inspired mosaic artworks, presented by premier Italian firm Fantini Mosaici during Milan Design Week (7-12 June 2022).

The fusion of centuries-old handcraft techniques and vibrant contemporary design at the world's most prestigious design festival is poised to create a wave of interest as the power of the handmade is celebrated. Visitors to Fantini Mosaici @ Milan Design Week will experience craftsmanship in action as marble sculptures and mosaic art are created by master craftsmen in the heart of Brera. Engaging scenography will add to the immersive experience.

Using rare marble, Fantini Mosaici's master artisans will demonstrate their skills and techniques to put the finishing touches to a magnificent prototype marble desk and bench designed by award-winning US architect Peter Hawrylewicz.

During the event, Canadian artist Justin Teodoro will demonstrate his unique flair as he spontaneously paints the venue's interior, surrounded by his six-piece limited edition '# GraphicDoodle' mosaic art collection.

Since 1900, Fantini Mosaici has been creating exquisite handmade interiors and exteriors in all types of stone, from rare marble to mosaic to pebble stone, for some of the grandest and most prestigious buildings worldwide.

During Milan Design Week, the family-owned firm will present a new vision and reveal new collaborations as they continue to evolve and develop the brand through special collaborations, including with Peter Hawrylewicz, Principal Designer at the Miami-based PHDesign and NewYork-based artist and illustrator Teodoro.

"Our objective during Fuori Salone is to create a dialogue, stimulate visitors' imaginations and demonstrate the timeless beauty of handcrafted items when heritage techniques are combined with contemporary design," says Enrico Fantin, President Fantini Mosaici.

Peter Hawrylewicz

Fantini and Hawrylewicz have worked on several projects together, including a 940-square metre luxury penthouse in Rome.

Talking of their Milan Design Week collaboration, Hawrylewicz says:"The desktop projects as a cantilever from an organically shaped base. Fantini was instrumental in getting the engineering to work. Carved out of a solid block of Nero Marquina marble, it is a dynamic shape, and from above, it reminds me of a painter's pallet, so it is called 'Tavolozza'.

"The 195 cm marble bench is organically shaped from three blocks of Bianco Carrara marble. I call it 'Cigno' because its profile silhouette is like a swan preening itself.”

“Both pieces take advantage of the plasticity that stone naturally provides," says Hawrylewicz, regarded as a leading nautical architect, having received much acclaim for the award-winning interior of the 70-metre Sybaris superyacht." My inspiration is the stone itself and the unique characteristics," he says, adding, "I have been designing furniture for over thirty years but designing in stone is relatively new for me. Fantini Mosaici and I have been working together on stone pieces of furniture for the last year, which I hope will bring compelling results."

Justin Teodoro

Recently, Fantini Mosaici invited Justin Teodoro to design a series of artworks that would be transformed into mosaics. Teodoro responded with a vibrant collection of wall art. The #GraphicDoodle collection is a manifestation of his fluid, colourful and organic drawing style that lends itself to being translated into grandly bold, often playful and always intricately detailed mosaic masterpieces.

For over a decade, Justin Teodoro's art has been sought by many of the biggest luxury brands, including Louis Vuitton, Moschino, Hugo Boss, Reebok and Nespresso

"I've always been interested in seeing my work in a new context. So, when I was approached by Fantini Mosaici about this collaboration, the idea of my illustrations being interpreted by skilled artisans intrigued and interested me," he enthuses. "I am excited to unveil these new works. Their bright colours and innovative craftsmanship have a fresh and optimistic vibe that I know will make a great impact."

"Fantini Mosaici translated my style and the details in my drawings into these mosaics. I'm impressed with their precise translation that keeps the spirit of my art but is now imbued with a new artisanal hand."

"When any creative collaboration happens between something more contemporary and something more traditional, the opportunities can be endless. These collaborations can only help fuel and push a new creative spirit and energy forward," Teodoro claims.

The spirit of Fantini Mosaici's craftsmanship and design and the limitless potential that the two forces possess can be experienced daily from 6 to 12 June 2022, at Piazza San Marco, 8, Brera.

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