The art of artistic mosaic by Fantini Mosaici

Fantini’s mosaics can be found at the most prestigious locations in the world. From Abu Dhabi’s Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque to collaborations with luxury brand boutiques worldwide such as Gianni Versace,Hermès , Louis Vuitton and Moncler the mosaics are admired by visitors from across the globe for their splendour, beauty, and opulent elegance.

Behind each of these one-of-a-kind creations is a team of artists and craftspeople remarkably skilled in the art of mosaic. The artisans are based at the Fantini Mosaici's Milan workshop - the same workshop at which the company’s founder, Domenico Fantini, launched the business in 1900. Already then, Milan and Northern Italy were deemed the European cradle of luxury mosaics, and thanks to more than a century of Fantini’s excellence, that reputation still prevails.

Fantini’s luxury mosaics are made either in marble or glass. The marble is largely sourced in Italy, especially in the abundant neutral hues of beiges and off-whites, with Carrara and Statuario marble currently in high demand among the customers, alongside the classic choices of Botticino, Grigio Carnico, Verde Alpi and Rosso Verona. The coloured marble – whether green, red or the valuable blue, sourced through Italian companies, originates from foreign markets. When it comes to glass, it’s sourced exclusively in Italy, specifically in Murano – the island north of Venice renowned for its glass craftsmanship. Whilst marble mosaics present colour limitations due to the nature of the material, glass offers endless possibilities with more than 600 colour variations available.

When new mosaic commissions come to the Fantini workshop, they are first drawn by hand, with the design team meticulously planning the project tessera by tessera. Attention to detail, precision, and diligence are of utmost importance when working on the designs, which are then translated into technical drawings.

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