With ‘Back to the Future’ Fantini Mosaici explored the future of a thousand-year-old technique

With its historical heritage produced over more than a hundred years, Fantini Mosaici pursues the values of tradition, art and beauty, making available its expertise for projects in the most prestigious and exclusive venues worldwide.

At Milano Design Week 2023, a fascinating site-specific art installation conceived by AB+AC Architects Arianna Bavuso and Andre Chedid animated the space at Foro Bonaparte 68 where the brand is set to inaugurate its first showroom in Italy later this year.

Back to the Future is the title of the installation that charmed design enthusiasts with a hypnotic, visual and tactile experience demonstrating how one of the oldest handicraft techniques can be carried over into the future.

Space was organised in a sequence of rooms that broke down the exhibition experience into two acts: past a dark room, where the visitors’ eyes could adjust before entering an immersive installation concealed by black curtains, a kaleidoscopic room was revealed.

This is where AB+AC Architects conjured up the illusion of a limitless universe, by making use of a mixture of precious and rough stones that form a three-dimensional floor of floating pyramids framed by an endless sequence of portals in custom terrazzo. Visitors were thus able to virtually transcend physical limits and immerse themselves in a futuristic landscape of infinite possibilities where the past merges with the future.

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