Collaborations bring together Fantini’s savoir-faire with the creative visions of the art world’s most exciting figures.

Through our partnerships, we explore projects at the nexus of art, design, and craftsmanship, that combine our unique sets of skills and bring to life a singular creative vision.


Fantini Mosaici in collaboration with Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Milan.
April 2023

A research competition on the expressive forms of mosaic art.

“decor should be observed. that is, that the movements announce
the motions of the soul” – Leonardo da Vinci.

For the first time in its 120-year history, Fantini Mosaici has promoted a creative competition – “A tale of beauty, decor, materials and surfaces. A contest investigation on the expressive forms of mosaic art” – aimed at university students.
Curated by Massimo Bruto Randone, the contest has been conceived with and is presented by Fantini Mosaici in collaboration with the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Milan, regarded as one of the most prestigious in the world and attended by over four thousand students of all nationalities.
In December 2022, students enrolled at Accademia were invited to participate in the contest. Young talents were invited to interpret the representative potential of mosaic art through the utmost authorship of their own poetic and figurative language. They were asked to create a visual work, designed to be reproduced in glass and stone mosaic, and to explore and enhance the narrative, expressive and decorative potential of high-end Italian craftsmanship using speciality hand-cut mosaic.

Fantini Mosaici and the Brera Academy of Arts

Launching this September is the creation of an artistic mosaic laboratory within the Academy Art Programs.


Schwarzheide, Luc Tuymans, art collaboration

Venice Biennale 2019, Venice

Contemporary Belgian painter Luc Tuymans – best known for searing figurative paintings, often using a palette of greys, blacks and sepia tones – was the artist behind Schwarzheide. Fantini Mosaici recreated this 1986 oil-on-canvas piece in a site-specific marble mosaic that required 200,000 hand-cut tiles and covered the entire atrium floor of the 18th-century Palazzo Grassi in Venice. This significant collaboration was the centrepiece of Tuymans’ major retrospective La Pelle exhibition, concurrent with the 2019 Venice Biennale. Tuymans’ masterpiece was also the focal point of the Fantini Mosaici exhibition during Milan Design Week 2019.

Venetian Terrazzo Flooring, designed by Bobo Piccoli

Palazzo delle Stelline, Milan

Designed by leading Italian artist and industrial designer Augusto 'Bobo' Piccoli (1927-1981), the magnificent floors of the historic Palazzo delle Stelline – the first of many collaborations between Piccoli and the Fantini family – are as relevant to art and architecture today as they were when first installed in the ‘70s. In 2015, Fantini Mosaici undertook a significant renovation of the Palazzo delle Stelline floors, generating renewed interest in the work and vision of Piccoli.

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